Sharing Economy Startups

Airbnb, Uber, crowd-funding, bike sharing and book swapping. We probably all ran across some form of sharing economy startups, and they seem here to stay. According to Venture Beat, there are 17 billion-dollar companies in the sharing and collaborative economy sector. And interestingly enough, it's not only a Silicon Valley business.

This resource contains data on 864 sharing economy, peer-to-peer and collaborative consumption companies. Credit for collection this information goes to JustPark's project "The most popular ideas in the sharing economy". We added some missing data (especially on locations) and tweaked some of their tags to visualize patterns in the sharing economy universe.

Interactive Table of Sharing Economy Companies

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Disclosed Funding
2Tangos2012Tel Aviv, IsraelPlatform that brings people together to trade their respective knowledge. Users can list their city, skills, and the knowledge they want to gain, whilst connecting people through their social networks.
3D Hubs2013Amsterdam, The NetherlandsPlatform for 3D printer owners and people who want to print in 3D, providing over 1 billion people with access to 3D printing within 10 miles of their home.
40billion.com2008Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesSocial networking platform of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and creative people; a social platform for connecting people and promoting the things they create.
99Gamers2008San Francisco, California, United StatesThe gamer's marketplace, with the world's most extensive shared collection of video games. Trade games for free, using 99Gamers' virtual currency.
321Lend2014San Francisco, California, United StatesSimple peer-to-peer capital lending platform that connects US creditworthy borrowers with savvy investors. A fast and efficient way to borrow money at attractive interest rates.
4002012London, United KingdomPeer-to-peer private luxury accommodation. Get direct access to chalets, villas, yachts, and homes straight from the owner, without the hassle of actually contacting them to ask for information.
1000tools2012Ann Arbor, Michigan, United StatesRental marketplace for tools - both popular and niche. Tool owners can make money, and reduce clutter. Renters can save money and have the opportunity to meet people with similar interests.
A Space For Art.2012London, United KingdomConnects artists with the venue space to exhibit their art. With an ever growing network of venues, from high-end restaurants, to 5* boutique hotels, they'll find the right spot for all sorts of art.
Acadar2011Abuja, NigeriaOnline collaborative learning site that provides students with an array of support in preparation for exams.
ADVLO2013Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesAdventure Local serves as a community marketplace where local individuals can upload unique travel experiences, while travellers can search and book these "adventures". Experience all that the area and the locals have to offer.
Afluenta2010Buenos Aires, ArgentinaAfluenta is the leading peer-to-peer financial network for consumer loans in Latin America. Borrowers can access loans at rates (5%-10%) lower than traditional channels.
Agent Anything2010Montreal, CanadaA web platform allowing users to post small jobs, tasks and errands to an affordable skilled student workforce.
Ai (Agora Intelligence)2014Santa Clara, California, United StatesAn online marketplace that brings shoppers together to get low prices on great local deals. As others join a deal through social sharing, the offers and rewards get better.
Airbnb2008San Francisco, California, United StatesThe world's largest community-driven hospitality company. With unique listings in 190 countries, travellers can belong anywhere. Users can rent out their room, house or apartment, whilst vacationers can stay in a number of spaces at competitive rates.
Airtasker2012Sydney, AustraliaAirtasker is an online and mobile marketplace that connects people and businesses with local community members.
All-desk2011Lisbon, PortugalDescribed as an Airbnb for offices, All-Desk offers a global marketplace for offering, finding, booking and administering short term meeting rooms, training rooms and shared work spaces.
Alpinely2014New York City, New York, United StatesA platform for businesses and homes to order Christmas trees. Everything is covered from Christmas tree species, to delivery, to lights, and even setup.
Andante2012San Francisco, California, United StatesA collaborative consumption company that connects aspiring musicians with instruments loaned from their friends, neighbours, or local shops. Andante provides a safe, secure way to share music gear.
Ants2012Copenhagen, DenmarkA long distance ridesharing platform across the Nordic and Baltic countries of Northern Europe.
AnyRoad2012San Francisco, California, United StatesA collaborative exploration company driven to enhance the Travel and Tourism industry. AnyRoad connects tourists with unique custom tours with established tour guides and companies.
ApartmateToronto, CanadaA new and fresh marketplace offering rental apartments and roommates that users will love coming home to. It's described as an Airbnb for long-term rental apartments and roommates.
APPARTOOParis, FranceA new online marketplace started in France that closely matches roommates based on their lifestyles.
AppetitMilan, ItalyA culinary mobile app allowing people to cook for each other and have dinner at each others' houses.
Arriendas2012Santiago, ChileA car sharing community tailor-made for the developing world that believes in sharing cars through financial leases - insurance included.
Ask & GiveRafina, GreeceA social innovation app created to allow users to ask for help, give support, swap belongings and organise activities around their interests.
Aspiro Funding2013London, United KingdomA peer-to-peer platform for postgraduate loans.
AssetAvenue2013Los Angeles, California, United StatesA peer-to-peer lending platform dedicated to the commercial real estate industry, connecting borrowers with accredited institutional investors. A business committed to creating lasting change in the real estate industry.
Assetz Capital2012London, United KingdomPeer-to-peer lending marketplace whereby private investors and financial institutions can lend directly to SME's.
Autonetzer.de2010Stuttgart, GermanyOffers a safe and convenient peer-to-peer carsharing service where car owners can rent their cars to other people.
Auxmoney2007Dusseldorf, GermanyAuxmoney is an online peer-to-peer loan marketplace.
Aveeza2014Santiago, ChileA safe and secure mobile app for parents to seamlessly connect with Aveeza-managed drivers of private school vans, with real time tracking.
Avennu2014New York City, New York, United StatesAn online directory and booking system for creative spaces. List or find event locations, backdrops, and exhibition spaces.
AvenueStory2012London, United KingdomReferred to as the 5* Airbnb, this is a marketplace where accommodations become pop up hotels and guests match their trip with a local activity.
Ayoopa2013Houston, Texas, United StatesThe online rental marketplace for travel and outdoor gear.
Baas Bikes2015Washington D.C., United StatesOffers technology aiming to disrupt the cycle rental industry, allowing users to rent bikes from each other.
Baatna2015Gurgaon, IndiaAn Android app that lets users borrow stuff instantly by shouting out their need to neighbours, friends and people in their surroundings.
Babelverse2010London, United KingdomThe "universal translator" for spoken communication, powered by a global community of human language talent.
Backpack2014San Francisco, California, United StatesA peer-to-peer marketplace that connects users with travellers who can bring desired products back at discounted prices.
Backseat2013Sydney, AustraliaSydney's first ridesharing-only mobile application bringing innovation and positive change to Sydney's transportation system.
Baltic Car2014Riga, LatviaThe first collective carsharing network in the Baltics.
Bancha2012Rome, IndiaAn online marketplace for short term home rentals built around the interests of the people.
Bandwagon2009Brooklyn, New York, United StatesFacilitates real-time sharing of taxis and hired vehicles. Through web and mobile apps, Bandwagon connects people who are traveling in the same direction.
BankToTheFuture2010London, United KingdomThe global online investment platform that brings financial innovation & technology investment opportunities to investors.
Barnacle2013Mountain View, California, United StatesA community-based shipping and transportation network that helps users deliver items that are uneconomical to send by mail.
Baro2014New York City, New York, United StatesThe fresh platform for on-demand renting of tech items, Baro makes it possible for people to rent the items they want, and have them delivered in under an hour.
Barqo2014Amsterdam, The NetherlandsBarqo connects captains who have a boat, to sailors who want to explore the seas. Barqo makes sailing accessible, sustainable and lucrative.
BarterSugar2012Memphis, Tennessee, United StatesA marketplace where startups barter and trade their resources to get what they need instead of spending cash.
Beatsy2013Tampere, FinlandOffers a cross platform booking engine for bands, artists and DJs.
BedyCasa2007Montpellier, FranceAt the heart of the collaborative consumption in France, Bedy Casa allows travellers to sleep at locals', and hosts to make extra money by renting out a free room.
Beepyo2015United StatesA peer-to-peer community-driven rental marketplace that allows instant accessibility to things people need for their individual adventures.
Bellhops2013Chattanooga, Tennessee, United StatesThe new option ​​between begging friends for help and booking a 'moving company.' Through apps and online platform, they connect athletic students with people and businesses needing help moving.
Beperk.com2011Guadalajara, MexicoThe marketplace for thousands of freelancers to sell their local and digital work on design, marketing, programming, translation, mobile and much more.
Besomebody2011Austin, Texas, United StatesThe world’s first mobile platform that connects people based on shared passions. It’s a social marketplace that enables users to learn anything that they're passionate about.
Bib + Tuck2012New York City, New York, United StatesA highly curated community of shoppable personal closets, allowing users to trade high-fashion clothes.
Bien HealthcareStanford, California, United StatesOffers a unique platform for affordable on-demand healthcare for all.
Bike Box Buddy2013United KingdomA peer-to-peer lending platform allowing users to hire bike boxes from people in their area.
BionlukIstanbul, TurkeyAn online marketplace where the ideas, talents and experiences of users - professionals and amateurs - turn into tasks and services.
Bitbond2013Berlin, GermanyA global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform. Small businesses get access to affordable loans while lenders earn profitable interest rates.
BitLendingClub2013Chicago, Illinois, United StatesA peer-to-peer bitcoin lending network. Small businesses get access to affordable loans while lenders earn profitable interest rates.
BlaBlaCar2006Paris, FranceBlaBlaCar is a car-sharing website that connects drivers with empty seats and paying passengers to offset distance travel costs. - See more at:
Blackhawk Investments2011San Francisco, California, United StatesEnables real estate borrowers and lenders to connect directly. A platform for asset-backed peer-to-peer real estate lending.
Blocbox2015New York City, New York, United StatesA service connecting users to neighbours working from home in order to solve common inconveniences that people experience while away from home.
Bloomerent2014New York City, New York, United StatesA green sharing platform and marketing service for event flowers. Bloomerent connects florists and event hosts interested in sharing flower arrangements.
BlueMatchDenver, Colorado, United StatesA platform that connects homeowners with service contractors similar to how Uber connects passengers with car services.
BnbEventLe Mans, FranceThe first platform for private accommodation during major events.
Board a Boat2013London, United KingdomAn online peer-to-peer boat hire marketplace that connects people who want to get out on the water with boat owners and marine professionals.
Boatbound2012San Francisco, California, United StatesOffers a fully insured “pier-to-pier� marketplace for boat rentals in the U.S.
Boatlers2015Amsterdam, The NetherlandsA worldwide peer-to-peer boat rental platform that connects boat owners to renters directly through the website. This community driven website is all about 'Boating Fun For Everyone'.
BoatSetter2013Miami, Florida, United StatesOffers a unique luxury boat sharing marketplace that will, for the first time, make boat rentals accessible to consumers regardless of their boating experience.
BoogiMinsk, BelarusA platform changing the classic way of booking and touring artists in music and event business.
Bookalokal2012New York City, New York, United StatesA global community where users can enjoy unique and local dining experiences in homes and restaurants.
Bookbuzz2007Dublin, IrelandInnovative corporate learning platform allowing users to share business advice.
BookMooch2006San Francisco, California, United StatesBookMooch lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want.
Boommy2012Moscow, RussiaThe fashion marketplace platform where customers can buy and sell fashion items with ease and fun.
BOOTLEG MARKET2012Austin, Texas, United StatesThe global peer-to-peer shoe marketplace allowing users to buy and sell shoes.
bootschaftHamburg, GermanyBootschaft is a boat sharing service
Borrow'd2015San Francisco, California, United StatesAn innovative new app that connects college students who no longer need their textbooks with those that do.
BorrowLenses2007San Carlos, California, United StatesThe Internet's premiere destination for photographic and video equipment rental.
BorrowMyDoggy2012London, United KingdomBorrowMyDoggy matches dog owners with local borrowers for walks, sitting and holiday care.
BoxInTheBag2012Wismar, GermanyThe community marketplace for low priced, foreign and unique products, pairing people who want to have something special (from abroad) with people who can send or bring it to them.
brandloverBangkok, ThailandA peer-to-peer community of fashion lovers, allowing users to buy and sell their handbags.
Breather2012New York City, New York, United StatesProvides on-demand rooms in large urban areas. They're great for holding a meeting, working in private, or just taking a break.
brettapproved2012Phoenix, Arizona, United StatesAn accessibility-focused review, rating & booking site, so people with disabilities can travel confidently, locally or around the world.
Bright Neighbor2008Portland, Oregon, United StatesThe first operational Sharing Economy aggregator and comparison site, making "Shared Stuff, All in a Single Search" possible.
brtrMiami, Florida, United StatesA peer-to-peer marketplace for unique skills.
BTCjam2013San Francisco, California, United StatesThe global leader in peer-to-peer lending using Bitcoin, and the first to offer a proprietary credit score to its users.
BubbleGlobeParis, FranceA collaborative platform allowing people to book authentic experiences hosted by locals while traveling or in their own city.
BucklParis, FranceCarpooling platform for aviation.
Buggl2012Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesA platform to share global knowledge and create travel guides.
BuggyBrooklyn, New York, United StatesCar-borrowing platform based in New York.
BullionVault2005New York City, New York, United StatesAn internet peer-to-peer gold-and-silver-bullion exchange service.
Burro2014Austin, Texas, United StatesOn-demand labour, delivery, and hauling at about 1/2 the price of U-haul.
Bussi2014MexicoA new and unique platform offering shared journey routes for the daily commutes of its users.
Buster2012Seattle, Washington, United StatesA booking platform where customers can instantly discover, transparently compare, and seamlessly book private group transportation.
Butlr.net2012Gothenburg, SwedenFrom cleaning to private education, Butlr is a peer-to-peer marketplace allowing users to easily find people willing to provide assistance.
Buzzero2010Sao Paulo, BrazilAn education portal that connects authors and institutions to deliver a diverse range of online courses.
Cabe na Mala2013Belo Horizonte, BrazilA crowd-based logistics platform, allowing users to order anything from anywhere, paying for the product and offering an amount for the delivery.
Cabpal2014London, United KingdomA platform that enables people to connect with fellow travellers and share cabs back from the airport, conferences and festivals into the city.
Cahootsy Limited2012London, United KingdomThe marketplace for shoppers and merchants to collaborate. Build a shopping identity to pull offers: the reverse Groupon effect.
Camera RentalsSan Francisco, California, United StatesCamera equipment rental platform that can issue digital proof of insurance to professionals as well as issue instant loss payee certificates to owners.
CameraLendsSan Francisco, California, United StatesPeer-to-peer camera rentals. Rent and lend top gear from local pros.
Capital Match2014Singapore, SingaporeA peer-to-peer lending online marketplace to SMEs in Singapore and Southeast Asia.
Car Next Door2012Sydney, AustraliaAn Australian company that facilitates peer-to-peer car rental.
Car2go2008Ulm, GermanyA car2go is always a pleasure to drive: just take it, drive it, park it. Simple and straightforward.
Carambla2011Gent, BelgiumOffers mobility officers and parking operators a jumpstart to organise, manage and open up their parking data.
CareToShareLondon, United KingdomA website bringing together people from all walks of life to exchange their skills and tasks with one another.
Carhood2014Melbourne, AustraliaAllows car-owners to park at major Australian Airports for free and rent out their vehicle to other members of the community via an online service based platform.
CarHopper2015Florida, Florida, United StatesTransforms the on-demand car rental industry to a hassle-free and more convenient experience.
Carkibo2013Bay Area, California, United StatesThe car buying and selling platform connecting private car sellers to buyers with their peer-to-peer technology.
Carlypso2013San Carlos, California, United StatesA Bay Area startup that is transforming the used car retail industry.
Carma2007Cork, IrelandMatches users with nearby commuters and enables them to share the cost of driving.
CARMAnation2013San Francisco, California, United StatesA peer-to-peer sharing community that is making parking more convenient and affordable.
Carnomise2013Amsterdam, The NetherlandsHelps travellers leaving an airport to avoid parking charges by renting their own cars out to other travellers.
Carousell2012Singapore, SingaporeA Singapore-based e-commerce company, providing peer-to-peer sales services via a mobile application.
carrywithyou2015United StatesA new social network and peer-to-peer shipping platform that connects travellers and people from around the world.
CARZAR2014San Francisco, California, United StatesA mobile platform for private-party used cars, allowing sellers to create a free, beautiful listing in less than 4 minutes and upload into a private and transparent marketplace.
CasaVersa2012Tel Aviv, IsraelA home exchange community helping people swap their houses for vacation and travel.
Castoff Technologies2014Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesA private photo-messaging app, allowing users to send multiple photos with a question to their friends and receive anonymous votes and private comments in real-time.
chaffeoSan Francisco, California, United StatesA peer-to-peer marketplace of fully-vetted, experienced drivers with unique offerings that turn into unforgettable experiences.
Chairish2013San Francisco, California, United StatesAn online consignment marketplace that makes it fun and easy for design lovers to buy and sell vintage and used furniture, home decor and jewelry to one another.
Cheddar Up2012Denver, Colorado, United StatesThe simplest way to collect and track online payments from a group.
Chefly2013Madrid, SpainAn app that puts users in touch with local cooks who are eager to prepare fresh, delicious and affordable meals.
Chegg2007San Francisco, California, United StatesChegg offers you the ability to search free scholarships, browse course reviews, get 24/7 study help and rent textbooks for a fraction of the cost of your bookstore.
Cher AmisWashington D.C., United StatesA creative hub and an exploration of artistic inspiration, aiming to make it easy for creative people with diverse skill sets to turn their talents into income.
chillWRKRNew York City, New York, United StatesA platform that gives access to the most unique and convenient spaces in cities to work, chill or connect with others.
chowchimeLos Angeles, California, United StatesA social food sharing network dedicated to connecting chefs with dinners
Cir2012New York City, New York, United StatesA platform where people connect with fellow enthusiasts, neighbours, and pals to buy and sell the things that they are (or were) passionate about.
Classics&Exotics2014Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesAmerica's premiere classic and exotic car rental marketplace that brings the “sharing economy� into the car enthusiast’s garage.
Classkick2013Chicago, Illinois, United StatesA learning Platform where students can do their assignments and receive assistance from teachers and classmates.
Classy2013San Diego, California, United StatesThe world’s largest fundraising platform for nonprofits and social enterprises ('social good' organisations).
Cleanify2011Vancouver, CanadaThe first, and only, cleaning service marketplace, providing small businesses and independent cleaners with the tools to find new customers and organise their services.
Click & Boat2013Paris, FranceThe Airbnb of the Sea! This platform is a peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace, for classic, accompanied boat trips and boat hotels.
Closet Collective2013New York City, New York, United StatesA peer-to-peer community where women can rent their designer closets to and from each other.
Closeup2013Knoxville, Tennessee, United StatesBrings bands and fans together in living rooms, backyards, and other intimate spaces around the world for one-of-a-kind live music experiences.
Collectively2013San Francisco, California, United StatesOrchestrates influencer marketing initiatives designed to generate engagement and awareness for brands.
College Labor2012San Francisco, California, United StatesAn online marketplace that connects households and businesses with eager, pre-screened, friendly college students for affordable moving, hauling and general errand services in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Colorful FlagsPomona, California, United StatesA human relations program that aims to enhance social interaction through the teaching of cultural facts and human relations statements.
Community Marketplaces2015Dallas, Texas, United StatesA platform that creates a secure community marketplace with direct buyer/seller payment processes.
Compare and Share2013London, United KingdomA comparison site for sharing experiences, where users can offer or request transport or accommodation.
Comunitae2008Madrid, SpainA Spanish crowdfunding site for users to loan funds or invest in companies and individuals.
ConnectRidersSan Francisco, California, United StatesA platform that allows motorcycle owners to list, share, and make money with their motorcycles, as well as request vehicles for rental.
Cookening2012Paris, FranceA 'collaborative gastronomy' platform that invites travelers to eat at local's homes and discover new foods along the way.
Cookisto2013Athens, GreeceAn online community where users can find food cooked by locals, or post their own dishes at their own prices.
Coomuna2014Lima, PeruA platform that allows users to connect with university communities to offer and receive private lessons and find out what's going on.
COSMINA2015Miami, Florida, United StatesAn online platform connecting Yoga teachers keen students.
Costockage2012Paris, FranceA furniture storage platform that connects 'the right space with the right person'.
CountUp2015New York City, New York, United StatesAn online marketplace matching businesses with on-demand Certified Public Accountants. Its mission is to make the process of discovering, hiring and working with virtual accountants as frictionless as possible.
Cowen Capital2013New York City, New York, United StatesConnects businesses of all sizes to capital within minutes.
Craigslist1995San Francisco, California, United StatesCraigslist is a classified advertisements website for jobs, personals, for sale and wanted items, services, résumés and discussion forums.
Crehana2015Lima, PeruA project-based education marketplace where people learn creative skills from industry experts. Anyone can take a class, watch short video lessons and create projects.
CrewWithMeSydney, AustraliaA rideshare web application that helps recreational boaters make greater use of their boats by matching them to keen crew.
Croissant2015New York City, New York, United StatesCroissant opens up exclusive access to coworking spaces around New York City with one monthly membership for its users.
Cronnection2013Miami, Florida, United StatesA free collaborative consumption marketplace, where users trade their talents and objects with virtual currency.
Crowd Valley2012San Francisco, California, United StatesOffers back office services for crowdfunding, P2P investing, and alternative asset marketplaces for securities professionals.
Crowdcube2011Exeter, United KingdomCrowdcube is an investment crowdfunding platform for businesses
CrowdSchool2014Los Angeles, California, United StatesThe world’s first online platform for crowdsourcing project based learning and resources for teachers and students.
Crowdzu2012New York City, New York, United StatesA fully integrated marketplace for entrepreneurs to crowdsource all their design and branding needs.
Culturide2015Hamburg, GermanyThe language exchange platform connecting travelers with like-minded local hosts.
Currency BirdSantiago, ChileProvides an easy, safe and fast way for people to transfer money abroad at competitive rates.
CurrencyFair2009Ranelagh, AustraliaThe world's first online person-to-person foreign exchange marketplace.
Cycleswap2015Amsterdam, The NetherlandsA platform through which individual bicycle owners and small bike shops can rent out bikes to individuals.
Dada Pet2013Mexico City, MexicoDada Pet is a community of pet owners, who can contact each other in the simplest and most reliable way, as well as suppliers who are looking to offer the best services and products for pets.
Dada Room2012Mexico City, MexicoGiven Room is a new and free social flatsharing service for Latin America. Launched in November 2012 in Mexico, Given Room is based in Mexico City and accelerated by Wayra, Telefónica's overall incubator.
DARBY SMART2013San Francisco, California, United StatesDarby Smart is a do-it-yourself crafting startup working with top Pinterest designers of DIY accessories, fashion and home items to market and sell their projects to consumers, complete with all materials and instructions needed to complete the project.
Darenta2014Moscow, RussiaThe largest peer-to-peer car rental marketplace in Eastern Europe, Darenta is a peer-to-peer vehicle sharing marketplace that provides the insurance, technology and platform to help people securely rent their underutilized vehicles and vessels among a trusted community of members. Sharers generate income from renting while Borrowers gain access to fun and convenient rides. By connecting neighbours with matching needs, Darenta provides a sustainable solution to reduce pollution, traffic and the high cost of ownership.
Darpdecade2014Groningen, The NetherlandsDarpdecade is a platform where fashion-lovers can swap and share clothes locally, connecting with like-minded people in their area.
Date My Wardrobe2014Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesDate My Wardrobe is an online marketplace for renting, selling or showcasing high-end fashion. Date My Wardrobe believe that anyone can expand their wardrobe without spending a fortune to buy something new or even second hand.
DeliveryCrowd2012Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesDeliveryCrowd is a startup company building a platform that facilitates the delivery of anything, to any place, at any time. The website and app bring together supply (Crowdies) and demand (restaurants, retailers, and individuals) to interact with each other.
Designerz Hub2012Lagos, NigeriaDesignerz Hub is Nigeria's #1 handmade marketplace - an online platform for buyers and sellers of unique handmade product to connect. It promotes products made only in Nigeria and focuses on handmade products such as fashion accessories, art, crafts, as well as craft supplies. The items include but not limited to art, photography, clothing, jewelry, edibles , ceramics, woodwork, metalwork and toys.
Desks Near Me2012San Francisco, California, United StatesDesks Near Me is a simple and convenient way for mobile workers to find and book great work spaces.
Desktime2010Chicago, Illinois, United StatesDesktime is a online platform and directory that helps people rent desk space by the day, week, or month.
Dingo2014Shoreditch, United KingdomDingo is an app that allows fans to buy and sell tickets to one another quickly, safely and conveniently.
DirectMoney2006Balmain, AustraliaDirectMoney combines retail investment and lending services on a unified service platform. It enables investors to directly invest in personal loans via a regulated investment product. Investors buy units in the DirectMoney Personal Loan Income Fund. Successful borrowers enter into loan contracts managed by DirectMoney. Borrower interest is paid to investors after deducting loan losses and management fees.
Ditto Reuse2011London, United KingdomDitto makes it easy to let someone else have the stuff that users don't use from around the house, and to find free stuff near them.
DoerNew York City, New York, United StatesAn online marketplace where users can offer their expertise to become instructors, or take classes themselves
DogBuddy2013London, United KingdomDogBuddy is a peer-to-peer marketplace for dog home boarding, connecting dog owners with vetted, insured and reviewed dog-sitters in their local area.
DoggyBnB2013New York City, New York, United StatesDoggyBnB is a mobile app that helps pet owners find dog-sitters through friends and social connections. DoggyBnB takes the guesswork out of finding a dog-sitter by using members' personal relationships to create trusted networks and connections between dog owners and sitters.
DogHero2014Sao Paulo, BrazilDogHero is a peer-to-peer pet boarding marketplace that connects pet owners with trusted sitters. Using technology and design they are redesigning how pet owners think about boarding their pets while they are away, an experience that before was very painful and troublesome. They want to revolutionize the pet services industry in Brazil, Latin America and the world.
DogVacay2012Santa Monica, California, United StatesDogVacay is the leading online service connecting pet owners with over 20,000 loving sitters across the U.S. and Canada.
doidoMunich, Germanydoido is a marketplace where busy people and small businesses can find reliable and flexible doers close by to help them with their tasks.
Dolly2013Seattle, Washington, United StatesA self-styled 'move anything' app, allowing users to load, haul and deliver just about anything, whenever the user needs it!
Domytask.se2013Stockholm, is a peer-to-peer online marketplace for errands and services where people who do not have the time or interest can outsource small tasks and jobs to people in their neighbourhood who want to earn some extra money.
DoubleHong Kong, ChinaDouble provides an on-demand business assistant who takes care of administrative tasks.
Dreamroomer2013Moscow, – the first-ever online show-window of tenants. Their website is a new user-friendly way for tenants to advertise themselves while homeowners can choose the residents of their dreams.
DRESSBOOM2013London, United KingdomThe new way to shop and sell preloved fashion.
DropisRome, ItalyWith Dropis users can buy and sell anywhere without using money. The “dropis� is an online credit that cannot be bought: users can only earn it by sharing something with others. It’s the currency of sharing, a new way to buy and sell without using money.
Dropprice2014San Francisco, California, United StatesDropprice is a collaborative way for moms to shop, share, and save for their children. The price drops as moms share products with other moms.
DropTrip2011Bozeman, Montana, United StatesDropTrip is the world's first crowdsourced shipping social network. Their dedicated team is a passionate mix of entrepreneurs, travellers, and technology industry veterans. They are changing the way people, businesses, and communities around the world ship and receive the stuff they want.
du+ch2014New York City, New York, United Statesdu+ch is a community marketplace with a social platform that makes it easy to share the cost of group experiences with others.
Duriana2013Singapore, SingaporeDuriana is a next generation, mobile-first marketplace headquartered in Malaysia. Their aim is to connect people who buy & sell pre-loved and brand new items, in a convenient and fun way.
easyCar Club2012London, United KingdomeasyCar Club lets car owners make money by renting out their cars, and helps drivers save money through great value, convenient, local car hire.
EatnjoySolna, SwedenEatnjoy is the first Swedish market place for meal sharing. Users can arrange a dinner event in their own home or book a skilled home cook to come to their place.
EatWith2012Tel Aviv, IsraelEatWith family is a mix of product thinkers, engineers and food lovers from around the globe.
eBay1995San Jose, California, United StateseBay, an online auction and e-commerce marketplace, enables people and businesses to buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services.
Echo2014London, United KingdomEcho is more than just a trading network for Britain’s communities to help them thrive by forging new relationships between the people, organisations and businesses.
Ecohabitude2013New York City, New York, United StatesEcohabitude is an online marketplace to buy, sell and source eco-friendly brands, materials & custom work. Its community is made up of buyers, sellers and makers that are committed to being socially responsible.
Eden2015San Francisco, California, United StatesEden is the best way to solve technology frustrations in the home. With just a click, Eden will dispatch a friendly and highly rated tech wizard to a home to address any tech-related need - from wifi issues to TV mounting.
eDivv2014New York City, New York, United StateseDivv is an online peer to peer marketplace for trading beauty and fashion products. The beauty subscription box industry has led to an influx of extra beauty products, many of which end up going to waste. Divv lets users trade those extra products for items of interest.
Eggzy2009Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United is a marketplace where backyard flock owners and people seeking fresh, local eggs can connect. Aviv, is the first Israeli peer-to-peer lending platform, running since 2012.
Encontre um Nerd2014Curitiba, BrazilEncontre um Nerd connects users with on-demand 'nerds' to offer technical assistance wherever and whenever they are needed.
Endurance Lending Network2011San Francisco, California, United StatesEndurance Lending Network is a web-based lender focused on small and medium businesses in the United States. They provide loans of between $25,000 and $500,000 to high-quality entrepreneurs looking for expansion capital, equipment purchases or more general needs.
Entrusters2014Los Angeles, California, United StatesEntrusters offers global peer-to-peer delivery by a community of trusted travelers.
EnvoyNow2013Los Angeles, California, United StatesEnvoy is a crowd-sourced, on-demand food delivery service that enables students to order and get food delivered from any restaurant on campus. Students can track their food being prepared and delivered. Users can also find out exactly which student is going to pick up their order and bring it to them. At the end of the day, individuals can tip and rate their deliveries.
Etece2012Madrid, SpainETEC is a Spanish TaskRabbit-style startup that offers an online platform for people who need a job doing but don 't have the time to do it themselves.
Etsy2005New York City, New York, United StatesEtsy is a website that focuses on handmade and vintage items, as well as art and craft supplies. The items include art, photography, clothing, jewelry, edibles, quilts, and toys. Etsy is modeled after open craft fairs that give sellers personal storefronts where they can list their goods. The company charges users a flat listing fee (of 20 cents per items), and takes a commission of 3.5% off all items sold.
Euro Freelancers2010Brussels, BelgiumEuro Freelancers is a synergic network of independent EU affairs consultants and investors specialised in sustainability, collaborative innovation and scalable crowd-sourcing solutions.
Eventdoo2012Buenos Aires, ArgentinaEventdoo is a collaborative ticketing platform.
eWorky2011Paris, FranceeWorky is an internet start-up meeting a simple need experienced by the founders themselves: access to Wi-Fi hotspots and meeting or training rooms in different cities.
excurj.2015Amman, GhanaAn online platform where users can find local tour guides to give them a true experience of their visited places.
ExecSan Francisco, California, United StatesExec is a house cleaning service that users can book instantly from an iPhone or the web. It services San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC with plans to expand to other cities in the U.S.
ExponchalAustin, Texas, United StatesExponchal is a crowdfunding service for business loans. Customers apply online for a business loan while other members review the business loan requests. Members may choose to provide funding to businesses of their choice in varying amounts. The firm earns fees when the loan is funded by reducing fees from the loan proceeds and for servicing the loans.
FabTask2014New York City, New York, United StatesA new way to hire local services: fully vetted, entrepreneurially-minded professionals contribute their time and skills to help busy people find extra time in their days to do the things they love.
farmhopping2012London, United Kingdomfarmhopping is an online platform where farmers can have personal storefronts where they can sell their produce and interact with their customers directly.
Fashion Curated2014New York City, New York, United StatesFashion Curated is an online rental gallery focusing on special occasion accessories from the world's most coveted luxury designers.
Fashion Project2011Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesFashion Project is the first designer shopping experience featuring exclusive apparel, shoes and accessories that are donated by style icons, celebrities and philanthropists from around the world. The majority of each sale is donated to charity.
Fasten2014Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesFasten is the ridesharing industry’s newest prodigy, founded from one of the largest taxi companies in the world, with 16 years of market experience.
FavorLooper2014Phoenix, Arizona, United StatesA peer-to-peer delivery service with no delivery fee or minimum spends.
favourful2014London, United Kingdomfavourful is a mobile app that challenges the way that consumers use social networks, making them more real and interconnected by exchanging favours.
Feastly2012San Francisco, California, United StatesFeastly is working to rebuild social capital one home-cooked meal at a time. Their online marketplace lets cooks offer food-based experiences in their homes to groups of wanting Feasters. From a traditional Korean barbecue to a TED-themed dinner salon, Feastly's platform creates an instant, table-wide community with three simple ingredients: a comfortable home setting, good food, and real people.
Fetch2012Kansas City, Kansas, United StatesFetch has reimagined the way local goods are transported around a city by enabling anyone to get any product delivered in under one hour. Fetch's revolutionary on-demand delivery platform connects customers with personal shoppers, who purchase and deliver items from any restaurant or store.
Fetch Storage2010Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesFetch picks up items from users homes and stores it in conveniently-located spaces, until the user requires it again - at which time, the item is delivered back for free.
Ficus - Share Your Wisdom2014Mexico City, MexicoFicus was born to create a community that can share wisdom with the use of technology, connecting individuals with hunger to learn and share knowledge.
FilKhedmaCairo, EgyptFilKhedma provides maintenance services for homes and offices in Egypt. FilKhedma provides a quick and easy booking process through its website or call center and recruits experienced technicians who have worked before in hotels, facility management and freelance. All technicians have to pass rigorous interviewing and background checking as well as customer service and quality training. Technicians are also supervised by experienced engineers.
FindYahan2013Gurgaon, IndiaFindYahan is a location-based discovery platform that connects skilled individuals and home businesses with their target customers easily and effectively.
Findyr2014New York City, New York, United StatesFindyr is a global information marketplace. It is the only platform that enables people to task data collectors, information gatherers and content creators anywhere in the world. Anyone can find new information, on demand.
Finefectivo2012Manila, PhilippinesFinefectivo is a provider of consumer finance options and helps users advance through ready access to credit.
Finsquare2014Paris, FranceA web platform allowing individuals to lend to local companies to finance their development, providing a positive impact on the economy for lenders.
Fireflies2014Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesA neighbor to neighbor delivery service that creates a decentralised marketplace for students - users can request any item and the app finds someone close by to drop it off.
Fiverr2010New York City, New York, United StatesBrowse. Buy. Done.' Fiverr gives users instant access to millions of $5 gigs from people who love what they do. It’s the easiest way for individuals and businesses to get everything done, at unbeatable value.
fivesquid.com2011United KingdomAn online community where people can share their skills and services on individual tasks for £5.
Fixility2014New York City, New York, United StatesAn on-demand website that connects consumers with their local home repair professionals.
FlatClub2010London, United KingdomA marketplace for trusted medium term stays - from a few weeks to a few months.
Fleety2013Curitiba, BrazilThe first peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace in Latin America, allowing car owners to rent out their cars.
FlightCar2012Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesThe first company to establish a marketplace that allows vehicle owners parking at the airport to rent out their cars to other travellers. Owners get free airport parking, and renters choose from a wider selection of vehicles at lower prices than those offered by the major car rental chains.
Flip2015New York City, New York, United StatesAn online platform that connects leaseholders who seek to either sublet or assign a residential apartment lease with individuals who are looking for the same.
FlipGive2008Toronto, CanadaA digital fundraising platform for schools, sports, and community initiatives.
Floqq2012San Francisco, California, United StatesThe biggest marketplace for online video courses in Latin America.
Fluc - Food Lovers United Co.2013Menlo Park, California, United StatesFluc is building the world’s first social marketplace for consumers to search, discover, and purchase freshly-made food. Whether people desire a cup of coffee or a freshly cooked pacific trout, Fluc powers the connection between consumers and local food merchants.
Flytenow2013Mountain View, California, United StatesA platform that connects aviation enthusiasts with local pilots and facilitates ridesharing, making it one of the easiest and most affordable ways to explore the sky.
Fon2006Madrid, SpainFon allows you share a bit of their home WiFi, and in turn get free access at millions of other Fon hotspots worldwide.
Foodie Shares2014Santa Monica, California, United StatesA private community marketplace for gourmet homemade food. Users can cook and share their dishes with members for free (or for a fee) whenever they feel the urge to make great food. Users can also become members and discover great food made by cooks and be notified of food sharing opportunities as they arise.
Foodzai2012Lisbon, PortugalA membership-based peer-to-peer food marketplace for discovering cooks and dishes, based on location.
ForkingAbout2014Sydney, AustraliaForkingAbout turns homes into restaurants so people can enjoy a home cooked meal anywhere in the world.
Foro2013Vancouver, CanadaForo makes it easy and safe for university students to buy and sell their items with other students around them.
Freecycle2003Tucson, Arizona, United StatesFreecycle is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns.
Freegler2011Brisbane, AustraliaA collaborative consumption platform that enables users to lend possessions to others for their chosen price. Users can freely list anything from camping and sporting goods, to gardening equipment, kitchen items, and power tools.
frents2008Berlin, is a social utility that gives uesr the opportunity to use everything within their circle of friends, such as borrowing and lending items.
Freshionup2014Shoham, IsraelA peer-to-peer marketplace hosting, supporting and promoting independent fashion designers and fashion stylists.
FreshNeck2012New York City, New York, United StatesFreshNeck, recognised as the 'NetFlix for Neckties' is a subscription service that lets users rent up to three ties, cufflinks, pocket squares and accessories.
Friends of Friends Travel2012London, United KingdomFriends of Friends Travel is an online marketplace that allows members to share opportunities for free accommodation, storage space and travel tips.
Friendshippr2013Dubai, United Arab EmiratesA mobile application for crowd-shipping, which platform works exclusively through a Facebook user's own network, helping turn Facebook friends into couriers.
Fruitful2013London, United KingdomA platform that enables savers to lend money directly business mortgage borrowers.
Fullbox2012Guadalajara, MexicoFullbox offers users the opportunity to temporarily furnish a house through a multi user web rental platform.
Fun2Rent2011Silicon Valley, California, United StatesFun2Rent enables owners to safely earn supplemental income by renting out their boats, off-road vehicles, and trailers, with liability insurance provided to both owners and renters, as well as insurance coverage on the rented vehicles.
Funding Circle2009London, United KingdomFunding Circle is the world’s leading marketplace exclusively focused on small businesses.
Funding Community2012New York City, New York, United StatesFunding Community connects small businesses with people who want to support their growth, and allows anyone to lend to a small business.
Funding Tree2013London, United KingdomThe UK's first FCA regulated debt and equity crowdfunding platform.
Funding Wonder, Inc.2013Miami, Florida, United StatesFunding Wonder, Inc directly connects investors and small businesses to help each other achieve their funding goals.
Furnishare2014New York City, New York, United StatesThe world's first shared furniture subscription service - their goal is to make quality living affordable & sustainable for all.
fusedrops2015Milan, ItalyThe first local crowdfunding platform dedicated to service design and social innovation projects.
Garajyeri2015Istanbul, TurkeyGarajyeri is the first P2P carsharing network in Turkey.
Gather2014Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesGather delivers fast, fair, and affordable small business insurance without the overhead of brokers, instead reaching customers through cost effective channels (e.g. targeted social media and partnership marketing).
Gatheric2014San Francisco, California, United StatesGathericaims to reinvent the way people create events and gatherings by introducing events that only happen when enough guests confirm with pledges.
Gay Homestays2010Manchester, United KingdomGay Homestays is an online global accommodation network is redefining LGBT travel, by matching LGBT travellers needing affordable accommodation with homeowners who have spare rooms to rent.
Gazelle2006Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesGazelle is a pioneer of a new idea called 'reCommerce' offering a trade-in service for users that want to buy or sell mobile phones, tablets and macbooks.
Gear Peer2013Los Angeles, California, United StatesGear Peer is a platform that allows people to rent outdoor sports gear and household items to and from each other, as well as from existing rental shops.
GearCommons2013Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesAn online platform for peer-to-peer sharing of outdoor equipment, GearCommons aims to connect people who need gear with people who own gear, through lending and borrowing.
GearLode2013United StatesGearLode is a peer-to-peer music rental marketplace, where users can create advertising listings of instruments and music gear that other users can rent.
Get a Drive!2015United StatesAn online peer-to-peer car-sharing platform where car owners can give their vehicle out on short/medium/long term rentals to those who are seeking the same in exchange for reasonable sums of money.
Getable2010San Francisco, California, United StatesGetable, formerly Rentcycle, serves the $32b construction rental market with mobile tools designed for construction professionals and rental equipment providers.
Getaround2009San Francisco, California, United StatesGetaround is an on-demand car sharing community, where users can rent cars by the hour from those around them - all using their phone!
GetMyBoat2012San Francisco, California, United StatesGetMyBoat is changing the way the world goes boating, by powering the largest boat rental marketplace, where users can post their watercraft for rent and charter. From California to Croatia, users can then search, find and book their dreamboat.
GetSafeGo2015Mountain View, California, United StatesGetSafeGo, a brand and service of SmartMove, Inc., founded in 2015, provides a peer-to-peer rideshare marketplace app focused on school commuting.
Gidsy2011Berlin, GermanyGidsy is a community marketplace for authentic experiences. and makes it easy for people to offer and book all sorts of tours, local activities, workshops, and other fun things to do.
Gifteng2013New York City, New York, United StatesA unique social community to give away things that users no longer need or receive a gifted item for free.
Gigit2012Brooklyn, New York, United StatesAn online platform that allows users to book both well-known and up-and-coming bands for private shows.
Girl Meets Dress2009London, United KingdomGirl Meets Dress is the leading designer dress rental destination, offering access to a dream wardrobe for all of life's special occasions, by allowing users to hire designer dresses at a fraction of their retail price.
Gitoon2013London, United KingdomGitoon is a user-generated content publishing platform, formed of a community of talented individuals that have the opportunity of getting their work reviewed, improved and published.
GiveGetGigsNew York City, New York, United StatesGiveGetGigs is a peer-to-peer marketplace of freelancers, temps and interns, helping each other get better local jobs through anonymous referrals.
GliAffidabili.it2008Milan, ItalyAn online platform which matches demand for assorted tasks (such as babysitting, gardening, plumbing etc) and those who require help. Members are also reviewed and can build their profile and reputation on the site.
Glovo App2014Barcelona, SpainGlovo App does the urban daily errands that users simply don’t have the time to do - by connecting users with independent couriers, users can acquire products from any restaurant, coffee place or store in their city, as well as sending urgent packages.
Glyde2006Palo Alto, California, United StatesAn innovative peer-to-peer e-commerce marketplace that makes it simple to buy and sell new and used goods, such as Apple and Android phones, tablets, laptops, iPods, and video games.
Go Halfsy2014San Francisco, California, United StatesA community marketplace where people can list and discover items and split the cost by co-owning with someone else.
go2gether2012Vancouver, CanadaA marketplace for drivers to share their empty seats with other commuters travelling in the same direction.
GoCambio2014Youghal, IrelandA simple and completely free way to travel (or simply improve language skills) - users can choose to offer a spare room for guests or find their own spare room and brush up on their language skills along the way.
GoCarShare2009London, United KingdomA car sharing website that helps passengers find drivers who are travelling to similar locations and vice versa.
Gofer Tribe2015Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesGofer Tribe is a marketplace for connecting entrepreneurs and small businesses that are looking for administrative services with top-quality, pre-screened independent personal assistants and administrative service professionals.
GoLend Internet Finance2013Hong Kong, ChinaGoLend Internet Finance is Hong Kong's first P2P lending platform to offer mortgage loans, connecting borrowers and investors directly.
Golf Pipeline2012Chicago, Illinois, United StatesA revolutionary concept in the golf industry and social network space, Golf Pipeline allows golfers to book tee times, establish handicaps, track their scores and build a network of friends.
Gomi co2011Sydney, AustraliaA company based around the idea that if a user sees an abandoned item on the side of a street like a couch, TV, dresser, teddy bear, etc. that they can whip out their smartphone, take a picture of and list it, and that anyone nearby can browse and come and pick up the item for free.
GoMore2011Copenhagen, DenmarkScandinavia's largest ridesharing and p2p car-rental service with 250,000+ registered users, which matches car owners with passengers and renters on web and mobile.
Gone!2013San Francisco, California, United StatesA smartphone app that takes care of the logistics of selling for users - from finding the best listing prices for items to handling all packaging and shipments and collecting money for sales.
Good Spot2013Paris, FranceA unique community marketplace for authentic travel experiences, helping to discover (or rediscover) the world thanks to passionate locals from all countries and cultures, and makes it easy for people to offer and/or book all sorts of activities.
GoodShuffle2012Washington D.C., United StatesAn online neighborhood that lets users rent their items to their neighbors, by safely and securely posing, renting-out, and sharing their household items with their communities.
GoodSq2012Fairfax, Virginia, United StatesGoodsq uses gift inspiration and wishlists to make the exchanging of gifts something more memorable and social.
Gorilly2012San Francisco, California, United StatesA web application that crowdsources great brands' loyal customers to allow potential customers to try before they buy.
GoShare2014San Diego, California, United StatesGoShare connects people who have a pickup truck, van, or SUV with people nearby who need help moving, hauling & delivering large items.
Green Box Batteries2013Tacoma, Washington, United StatesA conveniently located automated battery vending and recycling swap station that consumers can use to buy and exchange drained rechargeable batteries for freshly recharged batteries.
Grind2011New York City, New York, United StatesA members only collaborative workspace launched in NY at the end of 2011, allowing members to work on their own terms and collaborating to get things done.
Groowin2012Portland Or, Oregon, United StatesThe mobile marketplace community that allows every participant to make money and help others. Each time a sale is made, everyone involved in the sale gets paid – sellers, buyers, recommenders, inviters and offer creators – and, as an additional feature, Groowin makes recurrent donations to nonprofits.
Groswift2015San Francisco, California, United StatesA crowd-sourced grocery delivery service that lets users shop local grocery stores using their smartphone or computer.
Grouplend2014Vancouver, CanadaCanada’s leading online lending platform that gives Canadians a better way to borrow: one that’s cheaper, faster, and more convenient than getting a loan from a bank or carrying a balance on a credit card.
guardNOW2010Los Angeles, California, United StatesA private security franchise that operates nationwide. guardNOW provides private security guards that can be armed, unarmed, on foot, on bike, or patrolling in a vehicle, for use in event management and security.
Gudog2012Madrid, SpainAn online platform that connects dog owners with experienced pet sitters.
Guevara2013London, United KingdomGuevara allows users to pool premiums online to save money - any money left in the pool at the end of the year stays with the group and lowers everyone's price next year.
Guide Me Right2014Cagliari, ItalyA cross-platform community marketplace for making friends through social discovery, allowing users to share local lifestyles with each other.
GuideHop2011Dallas, Texas, United StatesA place where professional guides, instructors, and locals can share their their own guided activities and passions, find new ones, and earn income.
Guild2013New York City, New York, United StatesA platform that aims to help build a global community of entrepreneurs and individuals acting as peers, spreading and sharing knowledge about insurance and finding coverage options for the collaborative economy.
Gumtree2000London, United is the UK's biggest classifieds site, specialising in second-hand goods for sale, motors, property and jobs.
Hanintel2009New York City, New York, United StatesA Korean hotel booking service that provides support services for travelers by finding reliable and affordable lodging at popular travel destinations.
Hassle.com2011London, United KingdomA free (to the consumer) destination web site that puts together buyers and sellers of home based services such as cleaners, tutors, personal trainers, and driving instructors. It enables the consumer to search for a vetted provider, read ratings and reviews, and instantly book and pay for a service.
Haxi2014London, United KingdomAn on-demand peer-to-peer ridesharing network that enables users to share transport, allowing users to become either drivers, passengers or both.
Heal2014Santa Monica, California, United StatesHeal brings a licensed, background-checked pediatrician or family doctor to users, on-demand, on their schedule, for $99.
Hedgy2014San Francisco, California, United StatesHedgy's mission is to create a more open, accountable and distributed financial world using blockchain technologies.
Henchman App2012London, United KingdomHenchman App will bring you anything you want delivered to you in 60 minutes. They deliver from the top restaurants in London as well as grocery and retail stores.
HERO2012Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesPreviously Handii, HERO is an app for the real estate market.
Heroes Union2014Mountain View, California, United StatesThe fastest app to crowdsource any kind of help, Heroes Union connects everyday 'Heroes' with people who need help nearby.
HIHD AB2013Malmo, SwedenHIHD AB is a peer-to-peer marketplace for Scandinavia and North Europe.
Hire Space2012London, United KingdomHire Space helps users find and book spaces for events, sports, exhibitions, performances, training, conferences and more.
Hirehive2011Brisbane, AustraliaHirehive is the world's first peer-to-peer film gear rental platform for filmmakers.
HobbyJoint2014Ashburn, Virginia, United StatesA marketplace for e-Commerce items, users can buy, sell or rent items from around their neighborhoods and around the globe, with no listing fees.
Homeaway2005Texas, Texas, United StatesHomeAway offers a platform in which travelers can browse and book vacation homes, and rental owners can advertise and manage bookings.
HOMECAMP2015Sydney, AustraliaHomecamp allows campers & travelers to book a private space of land at someone's home to camp, and enables homeowners to make money renting out their property.
HomeExchangeHermosa Beach, California, United StatesHome Exchange connect like-minded travelers, help them travel anywhere, live like locals, and stay for free.
Homefed2013Waterloo, CanadaHomefed is a platform that allows users to host or attend home cooked meals at local's houses, food events, and edible goods around the world.
Homejoy2012San Francisco, California, United StatesAn online platform that connected professional cleaners with users - it closed down in July 2015.
Homing In2012Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesHoming In is an app that connects home purchasers with the nearest agent for property valuations.
HopsakArlington, Virginia, United StatesHopsak is an online platform that allows user to send items that require tailoring to experiences tailors in its network.
HopSkipDrive2014Los Angeles, California, United StatesHopSkipDrive makes life easier for busy parents by arranging rides for kids with a community of drivers who have significant childcare experience.
Horizon2014Seattle, Washington, United StatesHorizon is a community network that enabling users to find a place to stay with other trusted users.
Host My Gig2012San Francisco, California, United StatesAn online platform to discover, list, and book live music venues from any mobile device
Hotdesk2013Sydney, AustraliaAn online platform connecting businesses having surplus office or desk space with businesses requiring access to flexible space.
HourSpaces2010New York City, New York, United StatesAn online marketplace for hourly space rentals focused on the performing arts in New York City.
HouseCare2014Tokyo, JapanThe simplest possible booking platform for fast house cleaners (Ninjas), who aim to make home services as fast as pizza delivery. The service focuses on mothers and busy employees in Japan so that everyone can balance their career aspirations with their dream homes.
Housetrip2009Lausanne, SwitzerlandHouseTrip is an online marketplace enabling individuals and holiday rental management companies to rent out their properties to guests.
Hubber2013Los Angeles, California, United StatesA simple but revolutionary peer-to-peer car rental system that matches users with cars rented out by city residents when they leave town.
Hubble2013London, United KingdomAn online marketplace for renting office space, which simplifies the entire transaction to allow businesses to search across all office types, pay rent and sign contracts in just a few clicks.
Hubify2010Venice, ItalyThe mission of Hubify is to provide a safe, simple, social commerce platform that lets people sell or rent anything, monetize their talents with online and offline services, and post part-time jobs for the sharing economy.
Hunie2009Mountain View, California, United StatesHunie is a community that connects designers, founders and developers for design feedback.
HykleBangalore, IndiaAn online platform that helps travelers rent motorcycles and bicycles across India.
HyreSan Francisco, California, United is a cloud solution for the human resources sector, which alloes users to choose the best professionals for company growth.
HyreCar2014San Francisco, California, United StatesAn online marketplace which enables customers to rent a car for RideSharing platforms such as Uber/Lyft.
i-Invested2014Manchester, United KingdomA global open source ecosystem, which brings ideas to life by empowering innovative creators and investors.
igobono2011New York City, New York, United StatesA social marketplace where members buy, sell and donate goods and services using a social currency (called “bonos�) instead of money.
Ihipo2007Stockholm, SwedeniHipo, which stands for international High Potential network, is a social network that connects students and young professionals with international employers for communication and recruitment opportunities.
IlokYou2013Nantes, FranceA social network of items and services for rental between individuals.
Indiegogo2008San Francisco, California, United StatesIndiegogo is a global crowdfunding platform empowering people around the world to fund projects that matter to them.
Instacart2012San Francisco, California, United StatesA same-day grocery company that delivers groceries and home essentials from a variety of local stores.
InstaEDU2011San Francisco, California, United StatesAn online platform for students to connect with tutors and receive private tutoring.
InstaSneaks2014New York City, New York, United StatesA mobile-first marketplace created to facilitate buying, selling and discovery within the footwear community.
investUP2012London, United KingdomThe world's first crowdfunding supermarket – bringing the debt and equity markets together in one place for investors.
Invitekids2014PolandAn online platform that connects parents with each other to share childcare and create free time.
IRentShare2013New Delhi, IndiaA platform for renting and sharing items, such as cameras, computers, tablets, furniture and more.
iShippo2015Bangalore, IndiaiShippo is a marketplace for home businesses connected by peer-to-peer crowdsourced logistics.
iStopOver2009Toronto, CanadaAn online peer-to-peer travel marketplace for finding home accommodation, catering specifically to the direct rental of space from one person to another.
Jawnske2015New York, New York, United StatesA marketplace to rent outdoors, sports and music equipment from locals.
jestocke2013Bordeaux, FranceA community platform of co-locating, leasing furniture storage between individuals and insurance. connects owners who have space at home with tenants looking for furniture storage, a cellar, a garage or a storage box hire cheap. also caters to companies and their proposes to lease spaces for professional storage.
JitterBook2009Silicon Valley, California, United StatesA platform for the one site for the buying and selling of textbooks.
Jobado2013Amsterdam, The NetherlandsJobada is a peer-to-peer marketplace of users helping each other out with all kinds of tasks, such as learning to play the guitar or moving house.
JobRunners2014New York City, New York, United StatesA New York based online bidding marketplace for users to outsource their errands, chores, odd jobs and projects to local background checked Runners, with recurrent donations to charity partners.
Josephine2014Oakland, California, United StatesAn online marketplace for home cooked food - users browse neighbourhood meals, order their chosen dish and then pick up from around the corner.
JuicyCanvas2012New York City, New York, United StatesA print-on-demand marketplace enabling users to customize and purchase unique artworks on canvas and other material.
Jumblets2011Kalmar, SwedenAn online platform that enables users to create virtual market stalls to trade homemade and second-hand items.
JumpIn2012London, United KingdomA social taxi booking and sharing mobile app, tailored for students.
JustPark2006London, United KingdomJustPark is a website and app that matches drivers with spare car parking spaces, from residential driveways, schools and pubs to hotels, businesses and car parks. It is the UK’s largest homegrown sharing economy company, with over 750,000 registered users.
JustShareIt2011Silicon Valley, California, United StatesA person-to-person vehicle sharing marketplace that provides the insurance, technology and platform to help people securely rent their underutilized vehicles and vessels such as cars, boats and more among a trusted community of members.
Jwebi2014Paris, FranceA peer-to-peer website that enables people to send and buy items from all over the world using travelers' spare luggage space.
kandid2014Austin, Texas, United Statesdu+ch makes it easy to connect with affordable and trustworthy local photographers to capture unforgettable moments in pictures.
KarangooSan Francisco, California, United StatesA revolutionary marketplace where users can purchase awesome items with a group by sharing the cost of individual ownership.
Key to office2012Vienna, AustriaAn online marketplace for office and meeting rooms on demand, which can be rented on an hourly or daily basis.
Keyzio2012Kansas City, Kansas, United StatesA platform that allows consumers to connect with each other directly to discuss a possible real estate transaction, and then optionally pay for and receive the specific help they need to close the deal through in-house and partner agents.
Kickstarter2009New York City, New York, United StatesKickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects such as movies, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, and photography
Kidizen2010Minneapolis, Minnesota, United StatesA parent-to-parent marketplace to buy, sell and swap kid's clothing, toys, gear and decor.
Kidzy2015Tallinn, EstoniaKidzy is an an app and website that provides users with a marketplace for pre-loved kids clothes, toys & gear.
Kiinzel2012Toronto, CanadaKiinzel is a parent marketplace to buy, sell and swap pre-loved kids items.
Kindset2014Kochi, JapanKindset connects people who want to give away stuff with people who need it - users find and join communities based on their interest, and then meet and exchange their items for free.
Knok2011Barcelona, SpainKnok provides an online network of trusted (and verified) families, sharing homes with each other when not there.
Know The Na2011Owensboro, Kentucky, United StatesA global online tour & activity platform that facilitates the booking, sharing, and payment of user generated travel and recreational services such as tours, activities, workshops, adventures, experiences, and other cultural activities.
Konfio2013Mexico City, MexicoAn online lending platform that helps micro-businesses in Latin America that don’t have access to credit obtain affordable loans, to measure creditworthiness.
Konnektid2013Amsterdam, The NetherlandsOffers peer to peer learning by enabling users to find skilled people that are willing to tutor nearby.
Koorier2014San Francisco, California, United StatesKoorier is to a peer-to-peer app and platform for delivery services.
kozaza2012Seoul, KoreaA home sharing platform foccused on Korea. Users can select from homestays, houses, apartments, studio, guesthouses, pension, templestays, and traditional houses for a comfortable place to stay.
Krash2012Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesA network of shared living spaces where members immerse themselves in the culture of innovation for community, mentorship and fun.
Krawst2012Santiago, ChileA social discovery platform that focuses on discovering new social experiences around the favourite hangouts of users.
Krrb Local Classifieds2010New York City, New York, United StatesA hyperlocal advertising website that enables users to connect with their neighbors for local and in-person commerce.
KungFuSan Francisco, California, United StatesA community of people working on-demand, empowering the sharing economy.
Kutoto2012Montreal, CanadaA mobile marketplace that connects people or small businesses who need tasks or small jobs done with local providers who can do these tasks.
La Mas Mona2012Madrid, SpainAn online marketplace where women can rent their designer dresses and accessories and make money out their closet.
Landbay2013London, United KingdomAn FCA authorised peer-to-peer lending platform that enables retail and institutional investors to invest in the high-value buy-to-let mortgage market.
Last Minute Gear2014San Francisco, California, United StatesLast Minute Gear allows users to rent camping, backpacking, skiing and snowboarding gear at any time, up to 1 hour before their trip. The company will also deliver, instruct the user on the itemm, and pick it back up after use.
LaundryRun2015Melbourne, AustraliaLaundryRun is a mobile app that allows users to have their dry cleaning picked up, cleaned and delivered with the click of a button.
Lavanda2014London, United KingdomA UK platform that allows users to have their dirty laundry picked up and dry cleaned and returned within 24 hours.
LawKick2012Santa Monica, California, United StatesA marketplace for efficiently connecting clients with lawyers.
Lawn Love2014San Diego, California, United StatesA new startup launching out of the Summer 2014 batch of Y Combinator that aims to add a layer of tech-enabled ease to the process of finding, booking, and paying a landscaping or lawn care provider.
LawnStarter2013Austin, Texas, United StatesA platform which allows consumers to book lawn care service from high quality providers, and manage their relationship with the provider thereafter. Additionally, LawnStarter provides contractors with much-needed backend infrastructure to help them scale their businesses.
LawTrades2013New York City, New York, United StatesA platform that enables law firms and attorneys to connect with clients.
LE TOTE2012San Francisco, California, United StatesA fashion discovery platform that connects brands with consumers through a rental model, which offers boutique style apparel and accessories for a monthly subscription.
LejDetAarhus, DenmarkA peer-to-peer rental service, allowing users to hire items and equipment to each other for fees set by owners.
LenderlyRaanana, IsraelA platform where borrowers can access loans through their social network, helping the borrowers identify those most likely to lend and manages the entire loan process from receipt to repayment to ensure that both the borrower’s and lender’s expectations are met.
Lenders Exchange2015San Francisco, California, United StatesA peer-to-peer lending platform that also serves as a secondary market, offering investors the ability to buy and sell consumer credit notes similar to trading equities on a stock exchange.
LendFu2013San Jose, California, United StatesLendFu’s marketplace provides a socially responsible peer to peer alternative to payday loans.
Lendify2014Stockholm, SwedenLendify offers Sweden’s first real peer-to-peer lending platform, operating an online marketplace credit platform that enables its borrowers to borrow money and its lenders to lend money directly to the borrower – without the involvement of banks or credit card companies.
Lending Club2006San Francisco, California, United StatesLending Club is the world’s largest online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors.
Lending LoopToronto, CanadaAn online marketplace for Canadians to lend money to growing local businesses.
Lending Works2012London, United KingdomA marketplace which facilitates lending from person to person - an idea called peer-to-peer lending.
LendingKarma2009San Francisco, California, United StatesLendingKarma helps people that know one another document and track person-to-person loans amongst themselves.
LendingStar2013Kiev, UkraineA peer-to-peer lending and investment online platform for consumers and small business.
LendInvest2013London, United KingdomA marketplace lending platform for mortgage loans.
LendLayer2014San Francisco, California, United StatesLendLayer is a social lending program that finances students to attend top accelerated learning programs.
LendLift2013Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesAn online marketplace with a focus towards credit card payoff, by building a platform that connects credit card borrowers interested in paying off their debt with lenders looking for yields.
Lendoor2013New York City, New York, United StatesA crowdlending platform for business loans, Lendoor's mission is to help startups and small businesses nationwide get crowdfunded loans from friends, customers and supporters — instead of bankers — with terms that work for both sides.
Lendsquare2011Chicago, Illinois, United StatesLendsquare is an online platform that allows small businesses to finance growth by borrowing money from their customers and communities.
Les CachotieresLille, FranceA peer-to-peer high end dress rental service for individuals and creators.
LessonVendorToronto, CanadaA helpful marketplace for local lessons, allowing users to learn guitar, typing, chess, ice skating and thousands of other lessons near them.
Let Me Seat2012Sunnyvale, California, United StatesLet Me Seat connects businesses that have unused spaces with people looking to rent them for short-term.
letmespace2014Barcelona, SpainA website for giving special regard to renting storage spaces and parking.
LetsmakeSan Francisco, California, United StatesAn online platform that helps makers find spaces for their activities, like workshops, kitchens, gardens, rehearsal rooms and artist studios.
LetzGo2013Milan, ItalyLetzGo is a peer-to-peer instant car-pooling application and community.
LiquidSpace2010San Francisco, California, United StatesThe largest real-time marketplace for people who can instantly find and book better places to meet and work - online or from an iPhone, iPad or Android. Through LiquidSpace, people can choose from 1,000's of workspaces to rent by the hour, by the day or longer. LiquidSpace offers more than 5,500 vetted, reviewed workspaces in over 600 cities across the U.S., Canada and Australia.
LIQUITY2013London, United KingdomWith an online platform providing liquidity to the private equity market, LIQUITY matches shareholders looking to partially/fully exit private companies with investors looking for high-growth investment opportunities.
ListantIowa City, Iowa, United StatesListant is a real time, local listing agent that provides the most efficient, responsive, and safe platform for the everyday exchanges of goods and services.
ListMinut2013Brussels, BelgiumAn internet platform that allows users to connect with reliable private individuals to complete all sorts of tasks - users describe what they need assistance with and the price they are willing to pay, before choosing a candidate for the task.
LiteUpBudapest, HungaryLiteUp is a service for students, built by students, which allows users to share knowledge through short consumable videos.
Live Drive Alive LLC2013Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesLive Drive Alive (LDA) allows clients to lease cars to drive on Uber, Lyft and similar services, as well as offering coverage for gas, insurance and maintenance.
Livop2010Paris, FranceLivop and Drivy, which merged in 2015, is a peer-to-peer car rental service with full insurance.
Localo2011New York City, New York, United StatesA social marketplace that allows users to travel like a local, by booking rooms, homes, sofabeds, boats and private islands from locals willing to share them.
LocalYoo.com2014Ra'anana, IsraelAn online marketplace connecting tourists with local experts, which enables travelers to book trips, itineraries and experiences from a variety of qualified locals.
Loqules2014Sydney, AustraliaA peer-to-peer marketplace that connects travelers with like-minded local experts to curate amazing memorable experiences.
Loteda2013Cincinnati, Ohio, United StatesLoteda is a full-service, curated marketplace to sell and purchase individual lots of pre-loved children’s clothes.
LoveHomeSwap2011London, United KingdomLove Home Swap is a home-swapping website that enables members to exchange and rent homes.
Lugg2014San Francisco, California, United StatesAn online platform that allows users to instantly arrange transport for their couch, bed, furniture or large item.
Luxury Shoe Club2014Raleigh, North Carolina, United StatesThe Luxury Shoe Club is the world's largest online membership club for women who can never have enough luxury shoes and boots.
Lyft2012San Francisco, California, United StatesLyft is a peer-to-peer transportation platform that connects passengers who need rides, with drivers willing to provide rides, using their own personal vehicles.
Maestro Market2008San Francisco, California, United StatesOperates as an online platform and marketplace connecting professionals with specialised talent for customers, allowing professionals to locate business opportunities, and customers to locate and hire professionals for events, appearances, and engagements.
Magpie AppSan Francisco, California, United StatesMagpie App allows users to exchange homes & travel worldwide, with local hosts and authentic travel experiences, for free.
makexyz2013Austin, Texas, United Statesmakexyz links people who need something made with 3D printers and designers in their neighborhoods.
MamboCar2012Madrid, SpainMamboCar is an online platform that connects travellers with car owners and enables them to hire cars in various Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Mallorca, and more.
mandii2015Bangalore, Indiamandii is a marketplace for financiers and borrowers to raise working capital finance for MSMEs.
Manye Technologies2014Bangalore, IndiaHanchu is an Android app that enables peer-to-peer transactions of used console games.
ManyShip2013Mountain View, California, United StatesA peer-to-peer social shipping platform connecting people who need things delivered with those traveling who have extra space.
MapJam2012Nairobi, KenyaA web and mobile map publishing platform that allows businesses, organizations, and people to create useful, personalized maps that are easy to share.
Marina SharesUnited StatesA nautical community, which aims to bring affordable docking and mooring solutions to the boating community through an interactive web-based reservation and mobile application system, with a social media experience.
Market 9Singapore, SingaporeAn online personal shopper service where you can get your groceries within 3 hours, allowing users to order items through an online platform and choose a 1-hour time frame delivery timeslot.
Masinga2014Istanbul, TurkeyA peer-to-peer car rental platform based in Istanbul.
Mass Mosaic2014New York City, New York, United StatesUsers on Mass Mosaic simply add anything they want or have - the platform will then match them to those who want to exchange.
MatchPad2014New York City, New York, United StatesMatchPad provides a better solutions to find roommates and apartments.
MATERIAL WRLD2012New York City, New York, United StatesWomen send us designer fashions they no longer wear to earn gift cards upfront from top retailers.
Meetly2014Mountain View, California, United StatesA peer learning community for learning new things or teaching others what you can do best, whether it's learning how to play the guitar, how to code, or how to make fresh pasta from scratch.
MEGAJOSH2015Orlando, Florida, United StatesMEGAJOSH is a 24/7 virtual peer-to-peer mobile marketplace for users to buy and sell from their smartphones.
Mentorra2013New York City, New York, United StatesMentorra is a marketplace for career mentoring and advice.
Meshtrip2014San Francisco, California, United is an online platform for vacation rentals by in over 50,000 cities around the World, by combining listings from major peer-to-peer travel websites in one single place.
MezzeCultureAustin, Texas, United StatesMezzeCulture is a curated travel guide for experiencing international culture locally, by connecting cultural enthusiasts with US destinations for authentic cultural experiences in their own backyard.
Mic Check2015Chicago, Illinois, United StatesMic Check is an online community for audio recording equipment rentals.
Midpoint2010London, United KingdomA true peer-to-peer international payments platform for any businesses or individual wanting access to fair and transparent FX.
MiGenioZapopan, MexicoMiGenio is an online platform which makes matches between A's students and average students from the same campus to help them study any subject, anywhere and any time at a low price.
Mila2013Berlin, GermanyThe location-based marketplace that connects busy people with friendly people from your neighborhood to get your tasks done.
MiMoto srlsMilan, ItalyA mobility company in the process of fundraising that wants to be the first totally green scooter sharing in Italy, and made ​​in Italy.
MinbilDinbil2013Copenhagen, DenmarkA person-to-person car sharing platform operating in Denmark, and connects our wide network of car owners to rent their vehicles at an affordable price to other people who need a car.
misterbnb2013San Francisco, California, United Statesmisterbnb is the largest gay-friendly hotelier in the world.
Mobbr Crowd Payments2012Delft, The NetherlandsAn online platform that allows users to pay and get paid for tasks and collaborations anywhere on the web.
MobocarsRiga, LatviaAn online platform which is created to provide the most convenient peer-to -peer car rental service in Eastern and Western Europe, as well as Russia and the CIS countries.
MoboFree2011Vilnius, LithuaniaMoboFree is a mobile social marketplace in Africa.
mobypark2012Paris, FranceA platform for companies, mobypark allows users to rent out private parking spaces to people that have difficulties to find a parking spot in big cities.
Model Citizen2013New York City, New York, United StatesAn invite-only peer-to-peer shopping platform for women to shop each others' closets.
MODSTER2012London, United KingdomMODSTER is an online platform to discover style, where every user is a stylist, allowing them to create looks, follow others and turn their passion for fashion into profit.
Monexo Innovations Limited2014Hong Kong, ChinaAn online peer-to-peer lending marketplace with a focus on transparency and convenience through best-in-class technology.
Money Mola2015Portland, Oregon, United StatesMoney Mola helps users manage loans with friends and family.
MonkeyParking2013San Francisco, California, United StatesMonkeyParking matches those is in need of a parking spot with whoever can provide it including unused driveways, people’s garages and soon-to-be-vacated street parking spots.
Mouthful2015Mountain View, California, United StatesA service that allows users to order home cooked foods from home cooks near them.
Mowdo2014Seattle, Washington, United StatesMowdo matches local mowers and lawn care professionals with neighbors who request lawn care through a smartphone app.
MuchMoscow, RussiaMuch is a smartphone app to allow users to exchange console games with other users.
My Cute Office2014Mumbai, IndiaMy Cute Office allows entrepreneurs to find a space to work from at the lowest possible cost, helping start-ups, professionals and freelancers get their first offices without any upfront cost by utilizing unused space of large companies.
myBestHelper2011Vancouver, CanadaA web and mobile service that helps families find childcare, home care and elder care.
MyCookr2013Nantes, FranceAn online community platform that allows users to share, sell and eat homemade food.
myRealTrip2012Seoul, KoreamyRealTrip provides an e-commerce service platform for personalized travel, enabling users to determine and prepare for suitable trips offered by locals in Korea.
MyRecycleStuff2009Paris, FranceMyRecyclestuff is a social platform that allows users to barter with each other for the exchange of products and items.
myShare India2012Chennai, IndiamyShare is an online community that is aimed at creating funds for various charitable organizations by rewarding customer loyalty.
MyTwinPlace2012Barcelona, SpainA worldwide community of more than 20,000 travelers in 130 countries who exchange nights at their residence, to get free accommodation at others.
NeedTo2012Austin, Texas, United is online platform that allows users to outsource their skills and needs, whether it be hiring a plumber, maid, designer, tutor, or lawyer. Users select offers based on profiles featuring people's' skills, reviews, and experience.
NeighborGoods2009Los Angeles, California, United StatesA service to allow users to share and borrow physical items with other people in the local area.
Neighborrow2008United StatesOnline platform providing offline access to things people need to use but don't need to own.
Net InvestingWarsaw, PolandNet Investing provides an alternative source of obtaining financing and investing their own funds with those that have business ideas and seek financing.
Next Door ChoresWashington D.C., United StatesNext Door Chores is a localised marketplace where people search their communities for skills and services.
NextSeed2014Houston, Texas, United StatesA Texas crowdfunding portal that provides a curated marketplace of investment opportunities.
Nightswapping2013Lyon, FranceAn online platform that allows users to host other members to gain free nights and use them to stay for free all over the world.
Nimbee2015Zurich, SwitzerlandNimbee is building the sharing economy for personal data, allowing users to sell their personal data whilst earning money.
Nimber2010London, United KingdomA community delivery service that matches people who need to send something with someone that is already travelling that way.
No Llames Mas2013San Lorenzo, ArgentinaNo Llames Mas allows users to order food online using local reviews to guide their decision.
NomnomBudapest, HungaryA mobile app and community, which connects people who cooked more than they wanted, with those who want to eat homemade food nearby.
Not Impossible2013London, United KingdomBy collaborating with a growing community of creative makers and hackers, Not Impossible utilise crowdsourcing to crowd-solve previously insurmountable healthcare issues.
Oakenspoon2015Austin, Texas, United StatesA peer-to-peer platform connecting gourmet personal chefs with users in Austin, Texas.
Occasional Butler2012Prahran, AustraliaOccasional Butler introduces users who are skilled and trusted in our community with customers who need odd jobs done around the home or office through an online marketplace.
Ofelia Feliz2011Sao Paulo, BrazilAn online marketplace offering creative and handmade goods, encouraging and supporting local designers, artists and entrepreneurs.
OLIO ExchangeLondon, United KingdomOLIO Exchange is a smartphone app which connects neighbours with each other and local shops so that surplus food can be shared – either for sale, or for free - not thrown away.
Oliom2013Miami Beach, Florida, United StatesOlion is an online laundry services platform that provides a convenient and affordable way to get laundry done while staying in hotels.
onbelle2014Berlin, GermanyAn online platform that allows users to rent a 'personal style package' of designer fashion, wear the clothing as long as they want and return them at their convenience.
onefinestayLondon, United KingdomOnefinestay offers handmade hospitality for stays in the finest homes
OnTASKMumbai, IndiaAn online marketplace, OnTask connects customers with local service providers for all their needs, such as tutors, plumbers, painters, photographers, party planners and more.
Open Capital Exchange2013New York City, New York, United StatesA peer-to-peer business lender that connects small business borrowers with investors.
Open Garden2011San Francisco, California, United StatesOpen Garden is the pioneer of peer-to-peer mesh networking technology and the creator of FireChat, the first "off-the-grid" messaging app.
Open Shed2011Sydney, AustraliaA peer-to-peer rental site for items and tools in Australia.
Open Utility2013London, United KingdomOpen Utility is developing a service that will let users buy electricity directly from local suppliers.
OpenAirplane2012Chicago, Illinois, United StatesAn online platform that enables users to find, book, and pay for aircraft rental, and verify a pilot's qualifications and training in the appropriate model aircrafts.
OpenBazaarWashington D.C., United StatesOpenBazaar creates a new way to trade online - by running a program on a computer, a user can connect directly to other users in the network and trade with them.
OpenFiesta2011Poznan, PolandA friendly community, who enjoy preparing & sharing home-cooked meals.
OpenRoundsBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesOpenRounds is a free, members-only website that allows vetted club members to inquire about golf privileges and arrange tee times at other private clubs, locally or when traveling.
Orchard Platform2013New York City, New York, United StatesOrchard Platform is a technology and infrastructure provider for marketplace lending.
Original Stitch2014San Francisco, California, United StatesOriginal Stitch is a custom shirt generator that offers over a billion shirt permutations.
Otter2014Singapore, SingaporeOtter is a real-time peer-to-peer bicycle sharing mobile platform, helping cyclists find a bicycle to rent anywhere, anytime, by providing bicycle owners the opportunity to make money through listing of their underused bicycles.
Ouistock2014Lille, FranceA peer-to-peer space storage rental platform in France.
Outdoor Exchange2014New Jersey, New Jersey, United StatesA subscription based outdoor gear rental service that operates on an annual membership fee.
OutdoorDivvySalt Lake City, Utah, United StatesAn online platform, that offers users the ability to safely sell, swap, or rent outdoor equipment.
Oxbridge Notes2010Gallway, IrelandOxbridge Notes lets students upload their notes, sample answers and crib sheets from college and then resell them to students and other interested parties around the world, paying the original authors a commission.
OYO Rooms2013New Delhi, IndiaA technology driven chain of standardized budget hotels in 50+ Cities & over 1000 Hotels - owners own and manage the hotels whilst OYO Rooms provide training and marketing.
P2Binvestor2012Denver, Colorado, United StatesP2Binvestor provides asset based lending and offers crowdfunded lines of credit to growing businesses.
PackagepeerSan Francisco, California, United StatesPackagepeer is a network which connects online shoppers with neighbors who volunteer to take delivery of goods in their name for a fee.
PackmuleCesky Krumlov, Czech RepublicPackmule allows users to get virtually anything delivered anywhere by a traveler with luggage space.
Padhaaro2012Bangalore, IndiaAn India-based startup connecting local experts with tourists, both foreign nationals and Indians, connecting users with locals to have an authentic experience of India.
Painless1099Virginia, United States, 2015Painless 1099 is an online platform the creates smart bank accounts, which automatically separate tax funds from your income and send the remaining cash to your checking account.
Paper StreetLondon, United KingdomAn online platform that allows users to support UK growth by lending to businesses for attractive returns.
parcelio2012San Francisco, California, United StatesParcelio connects people to transport parcels to their destination reliably and cost-effectively.
ParkchopSan Francisco, California, United StatesParkchop is an upcoming smartphone app to help users find parking.
Parking Duck2014Bangkok, ThailandA peer-to-peer online marketplace for sharing parking spaces.
Parking Panda2011Baltimore, Maryland, United StatesParking Panda is a US-based company that allows users to find and reserve parking in their city
ParkingCupid2013San Francisco, California, United StatesA parking marketplace that allows users to find parking when and where they need it, as well as rent out their unused space.
ParkingMadeEasy2011Sydney, AustraliaParkingMadeEasy lets users make money by sharing their driveway or garage with drivers for parking, as well as allowing users to find parking nearby.
ParqdSan Francisco, California, United StatesParqd allows users to rent available parking spaces locally, whilst allowing users to rent out their driveway or parking lot.
Parquo2014Madrid, SpainA mobile app which allows users to rent parking spaces by the hour.
Partage2014San Francisco, California, United StatesPartage is an online platform that connects neighborhoods, making it simple to rent and lend items in categories such as tools, kitchen, outdoors, electronics and more.
PartyBay2014Paris, FrancePartyBay allows users to engage with artists across a variety of talents, and book a place for their party or event.
Passenger MEBerlin, GermanyPassenger Me is a marketplace and online community for people to list, discover and order goods using the web or a mobile phone and have those goods delivered worldwide.
Patch of Land2013Los Angeles, California, United StatesA crowdfunding solution for real estate financing that brings together borrowers and lenders through a simple online interface.
PatronNew York City, New York, United StatesPatron is an online platform that allows users to discover, book and connect with artists and musicians in their community.
Pave2012New York City, New York, United StatesA lending platform for Millennials who want access to funding at fair rates from people who want to see them succeed.
Pavilion33.com2015Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesA curated marketplace to safely buy, sell, rent and swap anonymously both new and pre-loved works of art below $50,000.
PAX - Personal Airline ExchangeLos Angeles, California, United StatesPAX is a personalised real-time, data-driven, platform connecting customers with private jet charter.
Peerby2011Amsterdam, The NetherlandsA Dutch startup that operates a peer-to-peer sharing service for products, allowing users to share or request items from people in their neighborhood online, via their mobile or via social media channels.
PeerSpace2013San Francisco, California, United StatesPeerSpace exists to help companies and individuals find one-of-a-kind short-term space to inspire their best work.
PeerStreet2013Manhattan Beach, New York, United StatesA crowdfunding platform that gives investors easy access to high-yielding loans that are collateralized with real estate.
PenanaUnited StatesAn online interactive social publication platform that connects people together for collaborative writing.
PeoplePerHour2007London, United is a marketplace connecting small businesses and freelancers
Perfocal2014London, United KingdomAn online marketplace connecting customers to available, talented and affordable local photographers.
PermaGO2012New York City, New York, United StatesPermaGO provides virtual assistance services and social travel networks, to assist travelers along their journeys.
PetRoomie2013Rio De Janeiro, BrazilAn online community where animal lovers offer their homes to staying dogs and cats of other members, or simply offer a pet sitting service.
PhoRent2012San Francisco, California, United StatesA peer-to-peer rental marketplace that allows users to rent out items in their household that would only be used rarely, such as a motorboat or jet ski.
PicnikMilan, ItalyPicnik is an online marketplace to buy and sell pre-loved fashion clothing in a virtual closet.
Piddx2012Springfield, Massachusetts, United StatesAn online peer-to-peer social marketplace for skills and services, allowing individuals and businesses to find the skilled people that they need to perform short-term jobs and tasks.
Piggybackr2011San Francisco, California, United StatesAn online fundraising website that teaches young people how to raise money for their teams, schools, and communities while helping them develop key 21st century skills.
PiggyBee2012Brussels, BelgiumPiggyBee connects people who want to obtain or ship something with travelers. It can be (almost) anything from (or to) anywhere across any distance - international, national or local.
Pinktrotters2013London, United KingdomA worldwide online and offline community of contemporary women living in urban areas and working as professionals, with a core aged between 25-40 years old. The platform enables women to meet other women for social exclusive events as well as share trips and new experiences together.
PivotDesk2012Boulder, Colorado, United StatesAn office-sharing marketplace that transforms office space from a liability into a growing business asset.
PletsaNew Delhi, IndiaPletsa is a peer-to-peer marketplace for IT support service, allowing users to buy remote-based support and professionals to earn money.
Pley2013Santa Clara, California, United StatesPley (formerly known as Pleygo) is a rental service that allows users to rent Lego sets.
PobliPolandPobli is a community marketplace that enables busy people find great and reliable 'helpers' from nearby, to do their tasks, for price they are willing to pay.
PoolCircle2013Bangalore, IndiaPoolCircle is a ride sharing network that helps users to carpool with colleagues, neighbors and other trusted users.
PoolXing2013Herndon, Virginia, United StatesA carpooling/ridesharing service to find and connect commuters having similar origin and destination points, allowing users to search for ride requests or post their own request so that riders with similar criteria can find them.
PopUpsters2013San Francisco, California, United StatesAn online marketplace that connects local vendors, makers and artisans to opportunities to start, popup, and grow their businesses.
Pose2011Venice, ItalyPose is a smartphone app and website that allows women from all over the world to share photos of their outfits and to buy, sell and trade items from their closets.
Poshmark2011Menlo Park, California, United StatesPoshmark is the startup offering the new way to buy and sell fashion
Postmates2012Silicon Valley, California, United StatesPostmates is a logistics company, which operates a network of couriers who deliver goods locally.
PraberNew York City, New York, United StatesPraber is an online platform that connects users with Service Providers for over 25 different tasks, such as home cleaning, personal training, pet sitting or hairdressing.
PrepUp2014Santa Monica, California, United StatesPrepUp allows users to connect with experienced college mentors and tutors, to book lessons and answer questions.
Prestadero2011Mexico City, MexicoAn online portal that connects lenders with credit applicants.
Pret d'Union2009Paris, FrancePrêt d’Union is a European online credit marketplace that matches lenders and borrowers without any financial institution in-between.
PriceShoppers.com2013Los Angeles, California, United StatesA price shopper’s platform to discover, compare and share millions of products from thousands of stores with one-click to buy or one-click to collect offline.
PROMPTWAVEMadrid, SpainPROMPTWAVE, smart citizen participation with Smartcities access with
PropalooBend, Oregon, United is an adventure travel marketplace for short term rentals and tours.
Proplend2013South Ascot, United KingdomProplend is a peer to peer lending platform which offers lenders the opportunity circumvent the traditional banking system and to lend directly to borrowers with the loan being supported with security over income-producing commercial property.
Proprly2013New York City, New York, United StatesExpert cleaning & key delivery services for sharing economy rental hosts and homeowners, such as Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO.
Propzy2014Fountain Valley, California, United StatesPropzy enables consumers to engage their social circles and communities to create supply or demand for their properties.
Prosper2006San Francisco, California, United StatesProsper is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, allowing people to invest in each other in a financially and socially beneficial way.
Psale2012Los Angeles, California, United StatesPsale is a peer-to-peer mobile application marketplace enabling users to buy and sell stuff seamlessly.
Pylon2014San Francisco, California, United StatesBy providing services for identity, loan tracking, and transaction services, Pylon enables individuals and organizations to manage loans simply, permanently and securely, and allows lending marketplaces to focus on credit assessment, customer service and community.
Qraft2011Palo Alto, California, United StatesA peer to peer marketplace that allows owners of boats, rv's, cars, motorcycles, planes and associated gear to rent them to other members of our community.
Questr2014Toronto, CanadaA crowdshipping platform that provides cheap, fast shipments within the Greater Toronto Area.
Quid2010Portland, Oregon, United StatesQuid is a smartphone app that allows users to request tasks they need completing, such as mowing the grass or picking up some milk, and other users can offer their assistance.
Quirky2009New York City, New York, United StatesQuirky believe the best ideas in the world aren't actually in the world, they're locked inside people's heads. They exist to solve that problem.
Raiseworks2013New York City, New York, United StatesRaiseworks operates an online direct lending platform that connects small businesses with institutional lenders looking to lend directly to private businesses.
Rebagg2014New York City, New York, United StatesA luxury recommerce company, where users can purchase handbags from their owners in an upfront and guaranteed way.
rebuildingsociety.com2012Leeds, United KingdomAn online platform that connects creditworthy businesses with investors who lend money in exchange for a healthy return.
Recommendable.com2014London, United KingdomRecommendable lets people share their recommendations for local businesses with friends.
Recycled BrideSanta Monica, California, United StatesRecycled Bride is the world's largest wedding marketplace, where millions of brides buy and sell their new and gently used wedding dresses, decorations, accessories and more.
Red Clay2012San Francisco, California, United StatesRed Clay is a marketplace for industrial product design, connecting users with communities of freelance designers, to aid with product design and efficiency.
Red ScooterSan Francisco, California, United StatesAn online marketplace for users to trade goods and services.
Red's Shed2012Denver, Colorado, United StatesA peer-to-peer rental community that utilises groups and connects users to ensure easy member to member transactions in: commercial, residential, municipal and specialized service industry rentals.
RedCap2010San Francisco, California, United StatesAn online marketplace where users can hire on-demand chauffeurs to drive their cars.
RelayRides2008San Francisco, California, United StatesA peer-to-peer car rental marketplace that connects people in need of a rental car with vehicle owners.
Relendo2014Valencia, SpainRelendo is an online platform which allows users to rent personal goods to those who are in the same area.
Remoov2013San Francisco, California, United StatesA service to help users declutter their home by picking up unwanted items and selling, donating and discarding, and passing the earnings onto the user.
Rent Like a Champion2005Chicago, Illinois, United StatesAn online platform providing weekend vacation rental homes for major college football games and other events.
Rent My Items2011London, United KingdomAn online UK marketplace that facilitates person to person renting of items owned among friends, family and communities.
Rent the Runway2009New York City, New York, United StatesRent the Runway is an online e-commerce website that allows women to rent designer apparel and accessories..
Rentabilities2007Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesRentabilities is a platform for rental businesses to list their products and for customers to browse through what's available and compare prices.
RentableSan Francisco, California, United StatesRentable allows users to rent and lend their items with someone close by.
RentAffixMumbai, IndiaRentaffix lets users rent fitness equipment like dumbbells, benches, treadmills and cross trainers easily at home.
Rentah2013Brooklyn, New York, United StatesRentah is a peer to peer marketplace where freelancers and businesses can rent out their goods, services and spaces.
Rentecarlo2013London, United KingdomA friendly, convenient and fully insured way to rent a car near you, as well as earning money back on your idle car by renting it out to registered and pre-vetted drivers.
Rentez-Vous2012London, United KingdomA peer-to-peer and designer fashion rental marketplace.
RentiniNew York City, New York, United StatesRentini is an online community that allows users to explore and build valuable relationships with fellow travel lovers by connecting homeowners with travelers.
Rentipid2014Manila, PhilippinesA peer-to-peer marketplace that allows users to rent and lend items with each other.
Rentity2014New York City, New York, United StatesRentity connects people who are moving out with people looking for a new place to live.
RENTMANIA2013Moscow, RussiaAn online peer-to-peer marketplace for renters and owners of different things.
RentMarket2013Tallinn, EstoniaRentMarket is a marketplace for users and companies to rent and lend all sorts of hardware and tools.
RentSetGoMumbai, IndiaA peer-to-peer online marketplace for renting and lending useful items.
RentSher2014Bangalore, IndiaA online rental marketplace, allowing users to rent and lend items.
RentStuff2010Nashville, Tennessee, United StatesA website that helps users search, find and compare rental items, stores and deals with over 1,000 rental companies.
Rentything2012Toronto, CanadaAn online peer to peer rental marketplace. With it, users are able to rent anything from anybody. They are also able to rent out their own things to other users to earn some money.
RePark2014Tel Aviv, IsraelRePark is an online application that connects driver seeking parking with owners of private parking spaces.
reQwip2012Austin, Texas, United StatesA hyper-local marketplace where individuals or shops can buy and sell cycling and triathlon gear in Austin, Texas.
Revivn2012New York City, New York, United StatesBy connecting companies to communities through social impact programs, Revivn helps raise awareness about the power of repurposing used technology for social good.
RideConnect2011Dallas, Texas, United StatesA trusted community marketplace for people to share transportation.
RidengineHyderabad, IndiaA peer-to-peer, self-drive-focused bike and car rental company allowing individuals to rent vehicles by the hour or by the day.
RideSnap2014San Francisco, California, United StatesRideSnap is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects people to the right vehicles, to optimise the process of buying and selling cars.
RipelistPortland, Oregon, United StatesRipelist is a hyper-local marketplace where users can buy, sell, trade or donate homegrown or homemade food on a casual basis.
Robin Technologies2015Dallas, Texas, United StatesRobin is a Dallas-based Web service that lets users price, schedule, and pay for lawn care online.
Rock Your Block2010San Francisco, California, United StatesRock Your Block is a job search platform that helps teenagers and young people find jobs and build their first resume.
RocketHub2009New York City, New York, United StatesRocketHub is an online crowdfunding platform where users post campaigns to raise funds and awareness for projects and endeavors.
Room n House2012Mumbai, IndiaRoom N House helps users save money when finding a place to stay in India, through renting apartments, private rooms, or villas directly from the owners.
RoomioBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesRoomio matches users with compatible roommates based on co-living habits.
Roomorama2008New York City, New York, United StatesRoomorama is an online marketplace for short term rentals.
RoomZoom2013New York City, New York, United StatesRoomZoom is a roommate matching platform that uses an algorithm to help users find compatible roommates.
Roost2009San Francisco, California, United StatesRoost is an online platform that helps users discover storage and parking spaces in their neighborhood.
Rover.com2011Seattle, Washington, United StatesAn online community that connects dog owners with trusted dog sitters.
RVshare2013Akron, FranceRVshare is a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, powered by a community of RV owners and travelers.
Sailo2014New York City, New York, United StatesA trusted peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace where people can list, find and book boats and licensed captains in minutes.
Samboat2014Bordeaux, FranceSamboat allows users to rent or advertise a motorboat or sailboat in France.
SasaCambridge, United KingdomSasa is an e-commerce platform that connects offline vendors to online consumers using a simple mobile phone. Sasa enables micro-manufacturers in emerging markets to access global markets through our proprietary mobile technology.
Savvy2014San Francisco, California, United StatesA global platform where learners and teachers connect for live, one on one video learning sessions.
Schlep2013Chicago, Illinois, United StatesA friendly and efficient marketplace that connects people who need items moved with users that own appropriate vehicles and trucks.
Science Exchange2011Palo Alto, California, United StatesScience Exchange is a marketplace for scientific collaboration, where researchers can order experiments from the world's best labs.
Scoot Networks2011San Francisco, California, United StatesScoot networks offers you to use shared, electric, smartphone-activated motorscooters you can ride in the city.
Seedrs2012London, United KingdomSeedrs is the world's leading equity crowdfunding platform for investing in businesses you believe in
Share Hero2014Ahmedabad, IndiaA mobile and web platform that enables users to lend, borrow and donate items within a sharing network.
Shareapass2013Quebec, CanadaShareapass is a mobile web platform, making lending and borrowing of event passes accessible and affordable.
Shared Earth2010